Caveat lector!


This cynical limerick will serve

To prove that I’m really a perv

Who makes up this stuff

That sounds off the cuff

But goes deeper than limericks deserve.

This is a sexually explicit area devoted to the pleasures of the flesh and deals with gay sex in considerable detail and contains personal nudity.  Although I welcome visitors, I am wary lest the unsuspecting and innocent venture into realms they wish they hadn’t traveled.  For this reason I tried to password protect the rest of the topic, but for technical reasons, have not been able to, so you’re forewarned.

Password protection is not working.  
You’re on your own.  
Enter freely if you wish.

Above you’ve seen a mild example of what you may expect within.  G rated almost.    What’s inside is much raunchier.   Oh, what the heck?  Here’s another one, a scholarly limerick:

Concupiscent carnal desires
Enlighten my loins with their fires
Lubriciously stoked;
I’d like to get poked!
(My interest in sex never tires.)

Enter Erotica