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Herein you should find amusing original poems, pictures and prose; I honor my late Honey (pictured above) and mentors who have enriched my life; I've written extensively about my 50’s upbringing in bucolic Mill Valley, California and about gay history in general, but I also cover my sex life from earliest childhood through today; there's a separate area of erotica/humor called Caveat Lector.

In addition to sexual self-examination, I have been a witness to a significant portion of Gay History:  I came out before Stonewall; was sexually active (to say the least) during the Golden Age of Gay Sex; found true love and domestic bliss; survived the HIV epidemic (thus far); but lost the Love of My Life therein.   I’ve lived through some of the most tumultuous and dynamic years of Gay Liberation and have managed to keep excellent records of my erotic life, including a detailed calendar from ‘77-79.   As this project moves forward I’m donating my archives and ephemera to Cornell University’s Kroch Library of Human Sexuality. 

I welcome commentary here.

Table of Contents

Poetry:                          Jim as Poet


                                    First and Lasting

                                    My π

                                    His Face

                                    Moment Lost

                                    The Tittlebat

                                    Mildly Risque Poems


Personal History:           Dark Night Of The Soul

                                    Gay Disneyland

                                    The Gaiety

                                    The Pi Is Infinite

                                    The Bowl As Sacred Object

                                     Mentors:                    Thom Gunn

                                                                      John Button

                                                                      Andy Bourland


Favorite sites:                Just what it says

Caveat Lector:               Erotica

“The Best Way To Have a Good Time Is To Be One.” -  JPK